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New and used flags

The choice of the flag

Different flags

The flag designates the nationality of a vessel and the applicable legislation onboard and in the waterfront.

For this reason, choosing the appropriate flag allows the boat owner to have the best legal and diplomatic protection conditions.

The main flags we can provide as registration on are:

  • French
  • Italian
  • UK
  • Polish
  • Belgian
  • Dutch
  • Maltese
  • Monegasque
  • British Offshore
  • USA Offshore

We will suggest you the best suitable flag for your boat.

More information

Accueil Services / Expertises Pavillonage/ Mutation de pavillon ou changement de propriétaire

Change of property or flag

We assist you in carrying out these administrative procedures, as well as in case of succession, change of residence, sale, change of nationality, or maritime registration port.

The administrative changes that frequently occur in European countries may sometimes offer attractive economic opportunities for exchange from one flag to another.


If you want to learn more please contact us.

Import/export d'unité

Import / export of units from third countries (extra EU)

When you are buying a boat coming from an offshore country to the EU, as UK , we can assist you with any administrative, financial or fiscal practice and for customs import or export procedures including the deletion from previous registrations.

We can also organize the transport of your boat by sea or by ship.

We can also offer you a temporary flag to allow you to transfer yourself the boat.

If you wish a cost estimation, please contact us.

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