Domiciliation of non-resident owners

In accordance with the European Schengen Treaty, if you choose a European flag, but you are not resident in the country, in most cases, you must have a domiciliation in the chosen country.

The choice of domicile takes place according to the procedures set by the Maritime Authorities, when you ask for the registration of your vessel or when it is purchased by a non-resident citizen in the country.

This service consists in providing a letterbox address where the Maritime Administration will direct send all correspondence relating to your boat.

For example: notices of payment of taxes, notices of expiry of the Certificates of Registry, renewals of the radio license and possible fines or minutes.

You can also use the domiciliation at our agency to receive communications from your insurer, or the berth of the boat.

We offer this domiciliation service directly at our offices in France, Italy and the United Kingdom and in other countries thanks to our local correspondents.

If you wish to receive a quote, contact us.

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